The First 100

When teaching drawing, they sometimes say ” and the first 100 don’t count.” That means that the first 100 aren’t about art making, they are all about making. About finding your line, your style, your points of interest. Losing them and losing them again. Finding them and then practicing them with little skill and almost no appeal. In March of 2021 I returned to making in clay for the first time in over 20 years. It was a clumsy effort with a few shining moments. This picture (and the following detail shots) show 106 works in clay made in my first year. There are a couple of good ones that just rang the bell right out of the gate. I have given them a slot of their own in the catalog. Most of them have but one good point with the rest of the elements falling flat.

ID: 1650Year: 2021Medium: ceramicDimensions: 24x72Available: yesFramed: no