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Karen Bossick
Wood River Journal
Sun Valley, ID, May 24, 2008

Katina Huston is a former bike messenger and bicycles remain a key inspiration for her elegant drawings.

Placing bicycles on Mylar she projects light through them to form shadows which she then renders in 20 or more shades of ink. Her resulting shadow drawings of bicycle spokes, rims, chains and gears offer a kinetic feeling, a sense of motion which she then christens with such names as “Twister,” “Cyclone Diptych,” and ”Tsunami Heap.”

Huston, who will be in attendance during Gallery Walk, lives in the Bay area. The daughter of an archaeologist, she likens her work to his. He sorted through garbage dumps of past civilizations as she sorts through dumpsters of 20th Century America.

He looked at things and figured out what they revealed about what it was like to be human in that time and place, she says. “I look for things that will reflect what it is like to be alive now, here. My sculptures are shrines to everyday life-reliquaries for the souvenirs of common experience and emotional life.

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